Practical Earth Action

Each of us can do our part by thoughtfully choosing lifestyles, which support, heal, and restore the earth. Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary offers learning activities which center on practical skills for sustainable living.


Waste Reduction

Waste Reduction offers three-hour courses on ecological solid waste management. A guiding principle is the indigenous value of "ayyew" or "waste not". Lessons focus on ways to reduce, re-use and recycle our everyday trash, and teach practical skills like vermicomposting and reducing our dependence on disposable plastics.


Nutrition and Wellness

Nutrition and Wellness looks into food choices with health and environment in mind. Cooking demonstrations and potluck lunches teach us to cook with local vegetables and share family recipes. Meatless Mondays help us rediscover our local and indigenous vegetables.


Sustainable Building

Sustainable Building explores eco-friendly building technologies. The Earth House demonstrates building with earth, and local and recycled materials. Education tours and workshops provide lessons and inspiration on how to make our living spaces healthier, energy and water efficient, and ecologically friendly.


Climate Action

Climate Action studies the causes and impacts of climate change and what local actions we can do in response, to help build resilient communities. Every November, the national Climate Change Awareness Week is observed, in partnership with the local government and community organizations.