Barangay plans to solve waste woes though permaculture

Officials of Barangay Lourdes Extension, Baguio City are optimistic about devising a solution to more effectively manage their barangay’s solid wastes through the establishment and operation of an ecological center that involves having gardens in the community and in every household, and simultaneously have a steady source of safe and healthy food.

Employing as a component the basic principles of permaculture mode of farming, Lourdes Extension barangay officials led by Punong Barangay Benjie Macadangdang are embarking on training on proper zero waste practices to gain more knowledge and to overhaul their barangay’s existing programs and activities that deal with solid wastes that have been hampering their aim of having reduced to zero waste.


FRIENDLY CREATURE -- Olive Gregorio of the Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary introduces to officials of Lourdes Extension led by PB Benjie Macadangdang the earthworms they collectively call “Eugene, the friendly worm,” which they use in making organic compost that would later be used as a fertilizer. The barangay last week has formed ties with MES, which provides training to individuals and groups interested in establishing ecological centers through permaculture, among other methods, to achieve zero waste. 
-- Hanna Lacsamana

With the assistance of the Zero Waste Cluster, the barangay officials met with the Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary (MES) management last Tuesday and availed themselves of a five-day training on zero waste where the basic principles of permaculture are included. 

MES officer Olive Gregorio said the training, funded by the Maryknoll Mission, New York and will be provided for free to the barangay in August, will be given to a maximum of 15 individuals of Lourdes Extension barangay, which may choose its participants. It will involve solid waste management principles, permaculture, and how to make use of urban gardens in attaining zero waste in their barangay.


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